The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Identification Section-Crime Lab's primary function is to collect and examine forensic evidence in connection with a crime. This is accomplished by responding to crime scenes and conducting examinations of the scenes for forensic evidence such as blood spatter, fingerprints, trace evidence, and ballistic evidence. We also photograph and video the scene, as well as take measurements and compile a crime scene sketch. The Crime Scene Investigator will then report on the examination of the evidence and provide testimony as to the conclusions of the examinations in a court of law. In addition, various types of evidence submitted daily by other officers of the department to the Crime Lab are processed, examined, and reports compiled as to the results of the examinations. Courtroom testimony is provided on these examinations as well.

Currently the ID Section-Crime Lab is staffed with one Lieutenant, one Sergeant, one Forensic Data Analysis Detective, one Firearms Examiner, seven Crime Scene Investigators, four clerks, one part-time clerk, and one part-time CSI. The Lieutenant, Sergeant, Forensic Data Analysis Detective, Firearms Examiner, and Crime Scene Investigators are all certified peace officers and the remainder of the staff is civilian. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office ID Section-Crime Lab is fortunate to have several members who are recognized experts in fingerprints, blood spatter interpretation, skeletal remains recovery, photography, trace evidence recovery, firearm and toolmark examinations, and crime scene investigations. Our Crime Scene Investigators regularly assist law enforcement agencies from around the state with their expertise.

The ID Section-Crime Lab has several different units within the section. All of our personnel can perform duties in various units and many are court qualified experts in multiple fields. Each investigator regularly attends training seminars, classes, and symposiums to remain current in techniques and procedures.


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