Central Jail Records

The office of Central Jail Records (CJR) works around the clock handling inmate services such as arrest packets, warrants, judgments, TDCJ and State Jail Time, and release packets. CJR is responsible for all releases including those that have posted bond, paid fines, and have "time served" their jail sentence.  The office also coordinates visits from attorneys in need of consultation with their clients that are incarcerated in the MCSO jail facility and visitation for inmate family members.  CJR has a close working relationship with other agencies including the County Attorney, County Clerk, District Attorney, District Clerk, and all other law enforcement agencies. 

The Classification Division

In the Classification Division of the Montgomery County Jail the officers separate misdemeanor offenders, felony offenders, and aggravated (violent) offenders. An incoming inmate's current and past charges are reviewed as well as past behavior (if known). Inmates are then housed according to their classification. An inmate may appeal his classification within ten days of the original classification. Classification is reviewed periodically and an inmate may move to a higher classification (disciplinary problems, new charges, etc.) or to a lower classification (being sentenced, in-house job performance, etc.).

Tribunals: An inmate who acquires an in-house charge will come to Tribunal within 7 business days. If the behavior that initiated the in-house process is disruptive to the orderly operation of the facility an inmate may be moved immediately to a segregation cell pending reclassification. At the Tribunal, the inmate has the opportunity to give his version of events and may call witnesses on his behalf. The Tribunal committee, consisting of three officers not involved in the original incident, decides guilt or innocence based on the officer's report, the inmate's statement, and any other information the committee finds and considers. An inmate found guilty may be sentenced to several days in disciplinary segregation with all his privileges revoked. Privileges he could lose would be visitation, telephone use (except to call his attorney), program participation (AA, church), commissary (except for pencil, legal pad, stamps and envelopes) and leisure library. An inmate could be given a probated sentence in which he retains all privileges and remains housed in general population so long as he does not receive any new in-house charges within the specified time (usually 30 days). An inmate may appeal the ruling of the Tribunal committee. His appeal must be made in writing to the Jail Captain within 10 days. The Captains ruling is final.

Medical Division

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Medical Division employs nine full time medics. The Infirmary is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The Medical Department has a  Medical Director/Physician who visits the Infirmary Monday thru Friday and is on call 7 days a week. Dental care is provided by a dentist that visits the jail on Fridays. Mental Health Care is available for inmates thru a liaison with Tri-County Mental Health Services. The medical department has recently experienced tremendous growth with personnel, training, and equipment, making the medical department second to none providing excellent, but cost effective medical care for the inmates of the Montgomery County Jail.

Jail Chaplain

The Chaplain's Department of the Montgomery County Jail is responsible for serving as a contact person for inmates spiritual needs.  We exist to provide religious materials, services, counseling, intercession and rehabilitation for jail inmates.  We also serve through daily efforts to meet the spiritual needs of the staff, inmates, and inmate families.  Our ongoing duties include visiting the jail sections weekly, listening for and observing any potential problems that can be alleviated through counseling or prayer.  We distribute bibles and Christian literature to inmates and are on call 24 hours a day to deliver death or other emergency messages.  We function as a liaison between inmates and family, friends, and ministers.

You may contact the Jail Chaplain by phone at (936)-538-3254.


Montgomery County offers commissary five days a week to all its inmates.  Almost anything available at a local corner store is available to the inmates.  The commissary offers a wide range of foods from soups, candy bars, snack cakes, chips, summer sausage, and beverages such as Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, flavored lemonades, teas, water, and coffee.  There is a variety of condiments along with hygiene articles and undergarments including boxers, panties, bras, t-shirts, and socks.  The commissary is a privilege to inmates and the food items complement the three meals the inmate gets every day.  The profits from the commissary are used by the facility to purchase items for inmates such as uniforms, towels, blankets, and televisions.


The laundry is delivered in the jail Monday through Friday.  Uniforms and towels are delivered twice a week.  Blankets, sheets, and pillow covers are also exchanged regularly. The work is performed by inmate workers under the direct supervision of a deputy.  Every effort is exercised to fit each inmate with the proper sized uniform; however, there are many different requirements for exceptional needs.

Inmate Grievances 

The Montgomery County Jail, in accordance with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards, has a specific department to investigate and resolve grievances from incarcerated inmates. The grievance department is structured with an administrative resolution program designed to create a safe and secure jail environment for inmates and staff. An inmate may file a grievance if he/she is subjected to any of the following:

a) A Violation of Civil Rights
b) A Criminal Act
c) A Denial of Inmate Privileges
d) A Prohibited Act by a Deputy or Staff Member

The Montgomery County Jail recognizes the importance of the grievance procedure. It allows for complaints to be heard and problems to be solved for each inmate. This process is conducted by an impartial committee. 

 Law Library

The library is accessed by request between the hours of 7 am and 3 pm, Monday through Friday. Each inmate has equal access on a first come, first served basis. Inmates are required to do their own legal work. Library sessions extend an average of two hours, with extra time permitted when requested. The jail population necessitates that access be rotational by quads. The number of inmate requests is used to determine the time for each session. The time of access may be adjusted up or down, depending upon the number of daily requests.  While no legal advice is given to inmates, a paralegal is available to assist them in locating resource materials. Copies of legal documents are available to all inmates at a minimal cost.  These costs also provide indigent copies for inmates with special needs.

The library through Lexis Nexis loaded computers contains hundreds of volumes of both State and Federal law reporters. This list includes:

United States Codes Annotated
Vernon=s Texas Codes Annotated
West=s Federal Practice Digest
West=s Texas Digest
Shepard=s Citations, state and federal
United States Supreme Court Reporter, Lawyer=s Edition 2d
United States Code Services
Federal 2d and Federal 3d Reporters
Federal Supplement, first and second series
American Law Reporter Federal
American Law Reporter, 3d, 4th, 5th series
Southwest 2d Texas Cases
F. Lee Bailey Legal Forms Manual


The mail is delivered in each day Monday through Friday.  Inmates are permitted to receive all mail that is not considered contraband or pornographic/offensive.  Each inmate must have an identification armband issued by classification in order to receive his/her mail.  Books, magazines, and other materials issued by a publisher are permitted if bound in a soft cover.  Inmates without armbands must request to have an armband issued by classification in order to receive their mail (exceptions made for all legal material). All mail received for inmates without armbands is held in the mail room until the inmate has the required armband. No mail is withheld from inmates, unless it is contraband, in which case it is returned to the sender. 


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