District III encompasses approximately 290 square miles and its boundaries are: State Hwy 105 east of Loop 336 to the North, Harris County to the South, Liberty County to the East and the San Jacinto River to the West. Geographically, District III is the Southeastern portion of Montgomery County. District III deputies are the primary responders to calls for service in the unincorporated areas. District III provides a community based policing approach with deputies continuously striving to increase their knowledge of the patrol area and the residents. District III deputies adhere to the proactive concepts of patrol and are encouraged to get out of their patrol cars and interact with residents, businesses, schools, and community organizations. District III deputies are active in a zero tolerance approach to the criminal element. These concepts have greatly enhanced the relationships between the community and the department. Deputies occasionally assist the incorporated areas of District III when calls for service backlog in their jurisdiction.

Lieutenant Joseph Senn is the District III Commander. Staffing includes: twenty-five (25) deputies, three (3) corporals, three (3) sergeants, and one (1) secretary.

Located within the District III boundaries are three school districts: Splendora I.S.D., Conroe I.S.D., and the New Caney I.S.D. There are five incorporated areas located within the District III boundaries: the City of Splendora; the City of Woodbranch; the City of Patton Village; the City of Roman Forest; and the City of Houston.

The Montgomery County Annex serves as the patrol office for District III Patrol and for detectives assigned to the Criminal Investigative Division of the Sheriff’s Office.

You may contact the District III Office using the following:

Montgomery County Annex
Lieutenant Joseph Senn
21130 US Hwy 59, Suite B,
New Caney, Texas 77357
281-577-8971 or 936-521-8971

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