The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office District 6 serves The Woodlands Township. District 6 has 89.5 assigned positions, which include a division administrator holding the rank of captain, one district commander holding the rank of lieutenant, five senior sergeants, one traffic senior sergeant, six patrol sergeants, one special assignments sergeant, one detective, 67 patrol deputies, two traffic division deputies, one K9 deputy, two civilian detention officers, one administrative assistant and one warrant clerk (part-time).  Within the patrol division specialized units include a traffic division, crime prevention unit as well as foot and bike patrol. District 6 also is served by a K-9 team specially trained in narcotics scent detection.

Funding for the 83.5 personnel and equipment is provided through a contract for services between Montgomery County and The Woodlands Township. Additional funding resources are provided through Montgomery County, providing for six patrol units. The Woodlands Township is a local governmental agency whose mission is to promote, develop, encourage and maintain economic development for the public benefit of The Woodlands Township and its 28,000 acres of residential and commercial areas.

District 6, along with The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Services – The Woodlands Watch program, operates under a Community Oriented Policing model which emphasizes a philosophy of full-service, personalized policing in which the same deputy is assigned to a specific geographical area or "zone."   District 6 is currently divided into eight patrol zones that mirror the established villages within The Woodlands Township.

The main focal point of Community Oriented Policing is not simply responding to crime and conducting a follow-up investigation, but preventing crime and resolving or mediating issues that arise in our community.  The philosophy rests in the belief that law enforcement and the community must work together as partners to solve the public safety challenges faced in today's society. All of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Deputies assigned to District 6 strive to work closely with community groups to educate our citizens about potential hazards they may encounter and how to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime. All deputies receive 24 to 40 hours of training in Crime Prevention, Community and Tourism Oriented Policing through a joint effort between the Township and the Sheriff’s Office.

In addition to the seven villages within District 6 the deputies assigned here are also tasked with providing law enforcement services to The Woodlands Town Center which is a business district with more than 500 retail business, 170 of which are located within The Woodlands Mall which has 1.2 million square-feet of enclosed retail space.  The Town Center also hosts several corporate world headquarters, 100 restaurants, 12 major hotels, two theaters and The Woodlands Waterway. The Woodlands Waterway is a 1.25 mile-long water feature lined with parks, businesses and private residences and flows between The Woodlands Mall and The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. The pavilion is a host to major concert events throughout the year from symphonies to rock groups and accommodates nearly 17,000 people. 

District 6 utilizes eight full-time bicycle patrol deputies in the Town Center. The objective of a Bicycle Patrol is to foster community relations with a greater emphasis on Community and Tourism Oriented Policing and to increase patrol effectiveness. The bike unit provides specialized attention to retail, parks and other urban areas specific to District 6. Bike Patrol Units are capable of quick responses into areas within high vehicular and pedestrian traffic which ensures a quick response and also serves as a deterrent to criminal activity.

In 2011 District 6 deputies answered a total of 43,424 calls for service and wrote 5,447 offense reports.  A total of 247 Felony arrests were made along with 1,468 Misdemeanor arrests. They issued 11,988 traffic warnings and 10,710 traffic citations.  

Sheriff Tommy Gage and all the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office team take our chosen profession very seriously.  We all strive to provide the highest quality service humanly possible. We believe after taking into account today’s budget constraints, rapid building, population growth and other factors, the personnel at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office provide the very finest service law enforcement has to offer.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office welcomes input from the residents that we serve and will always give the courtesy of a response. We appreciate your interest in our district and our department and invite you to contact our office to answer any questions you may have. The District 6 office is located at 9200 Grogan's Mill and the telephone number is (281) 297-6500. If you need a deputy sheriff to respond to your location please call our main dispatch line at (936) 442-7797 or if you have an emergency dial 911. You may reach the division commander, Lieutenant David Dottei, at (281) 297-6543 or by email.




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