A Message From the Sheriff 


Sheriff Tommy Gage

 Our mission is to serve and safeguard all persons in Montgomery County by working cooperatively with the community to ensure the quality of life for through effective, efficient and professional delivery of law enforcement service.

We are committed to being responsive to our community but deputies cannot be everywhere at all times.  While our agency is proactive in our response to law enforcement needs, we also ask that our residents and business owners aid us in this regard.  We need to show the criminal element that they are not welcome in Montgomery County and if they choose to commit a crime, they will be seen, caught and prosecuted.

By participating in the Montgomery County Wises Eyes program and reporting suspicious activity or persons, you are dedicating yourself or your business to taking an active role in the community by assisting law enforcement in keeping our community a safe place to reside, work and relax. 

To Report Suspicious Activity - (936) 494-EYES



What is the Wise Eyes Program?

The Wise Eyes program was originally designed to assist in child abduction cases, since the first three hours are critical in saving a child's life.

Wise Eyes has expanded to keeping the community informed on public safety issues such as burglaries, thefts, scams, drug investigations and other criminal activity.

The program is designed to disseminate vital information to the community quickly via e-mail or fax to participating neighborhood groups, businesses and registered individuals.

Neighborhood Watch programs such as Wise Eyes are the most effective means available for keeping crime out of our neighborhoods.  It relies on the best crime-fighting tool ever, a good neighbor.  Fortunately, good neighbors are found everywhere.

How should participate in the program?

The Wise Eyes program unites the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office with local organizations (i.e, neighborhood watch groups, local businesses, utility companies) and individual residents in a community-wide effort to reduce crime in our neighborhoods.  Neighbors working together with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office are a formidable crime-fighting team.  Let's work together to prevent crime and keep our county safe and peaceful.


To Report Suspicious activity you can click the below logo to fill out an online information submission form or call 936-494-EYES (3937)


This page is not for Anonymous Tip Submission. 

If you wish to submit a tip and remain anonymous click here for Montgomery County Crime Stoppers.







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