Captain Eason


Captain Andrew W. Eason has been serving in law enforcement for 18 years. He began his career at the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office as a Civilian Jailer.
          The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office hired Captain Eason in 1992, where he served as a Jailer in the Jail Division. After attending and graduating from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Academy in 1993 he was promoted in 1994 and transferred to the Patrol Division where he was assigned to The Woodlands as a Patrol Deputy. In 1997 he attained the rank of Detective and assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division.  When he was promoted to Sergeant in 2002 he transferred back to the Patrol Division. On January 1, 2005, Captain Eason was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to Town Center as the District Commander by Sheriff Tommy Gage.
          Captain Eason has been assigned to District Two/Woodlands since 2007, and was recently promoted to his Captain rank on January 1, 2010. He is currently assigned to supervise District VI Patrol – The Woodlands.
          The Captain is a Master Peace Officer, Master Jailer, Certified Field Training Officer and Crime Prevention Inspector. He also serves as a Critical Incident Commander for the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office SWAT/Negotiator team.
          Additionally, in March 2009 Captain Eason was recognized by his peers and administration as a Woodlands Township Public Safety Hero. He was also honored in 2009 by Sheriff Gage when he received the “Sheriff’s Award” for rendering service to the Sheriff’s Office beyond the normal course of duty.


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